Leather Care

Do you use detergent to clean your skin ? No ? Then why use detergent to clean leather ? Do you moisturise your skin after a bath ? Then why not moisturise the leather after a cleaning ?

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Car Care

We often hear complaints from people that their partners or friends are too obsessed with their cars. Sometimes, we even hear that they tend to value their car more than the relationship itself. While, we are not trying to defend that, one can’t be a true motor enthusiast unless they behave that way. So, for […]

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Earlier today President Trump met with business executives from Harley Davidson Corp along with union leadership and representatives. A Transcript is included below video remarks because if you review the transcript closely – you’ll see the underlying emphasis on “America First”. . [TRANSCRIPT] THE PRESIDENT: So it’s great to have Harley-Davidson. What a great, great […]

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It’s always interesting to give the guys that spent so many years in the automotive print industry a chance to write about themselves. I think they realize how difficult it becomes rather quickly. They’re so used to writing about everyone else so it is a completely different feeling when to comes time to reflect on […]

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History of the Harley Davidson FXR — Deadbeat Customs Blog

It would be fair to say that Harley Davidson is the bike that all bikes aspire to be when they grow up. Harleys are big, beefy, powerful, and command a mighty presence on the road. They’re also very distinct and stand out amongst other bikes that are available in the market. If you’re a Harley […]

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Today we are going to talk about the Waterless Wash system What is it? and what are the pro’s and con’s of it! Waterless is the process used to wash your car. Almost all waterless wash products contain water in them. They are called waterless because they are designed to clean your car without you […]

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