Windshield wipers can be an overlooked part of your car’s safety system. If your wipers are not working properly, it may be difficult to see the road or other hazards when it rains or snows. Faulty wiper blades can be ineffective and even smear your… Click here to read the full article

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NAA P-51D: Canopy With the return to the P-51D project, I have been working on developing the fuselage and the canopy ordinates specific to the P-51D. Supporting information in this regard is hard to come by and we don’t have the luxury of tabulated ordinate values and fully detailed mold lines as we had with the P-51 […]

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The Chronicles Vlog 2017 #5 (Part 2): More Daily Car Life

So the morning of Wekfest LA 2017, everything looked to be going pretty well. My Y33 was starting to finally come together and we had stayed-up most of the night to get the car fully re-assembled. The only delay was that the windshield installer wouldn’t be available until 9 am that morning but since set-up […]

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