Rainmagic Car Cleaning Tips

Exterior Cleaning

One of the first steps you must take when cleaning your car is to rinse it thoroughly to loosen any dust, dirt and grime that may be dried on to the surface of the car.  Ideally, the rinsing process will remove most of this material because your next step will be to wash the car with a soapy sponge and you want to avoid trapping any particles of dust or debris in the sponge because they can act as abrasives on your car’s paint as you attempt to scrub your car clean.

After washing the The process of washing and wiping cars with the help of a clothcar with a good quality soap, you will need to rinse the car completely and follow this by drying the car off.  Drying the car after a wash is important because as water droplets dry, they will leave spots on your car so to avoid this, dry the car with a good quality chamois cloth designed for car care.  If you don’t dry the car, the residue left behind will be very noticeable, especially on black cars, or other dark colored cars.

If you live in an area that is prone to many bugs, you are familiar with the effect they can have on the front of your car.  Hundreds of tiny carcasses will be stuck to the hood and grille during the right time of year, and if left alone, these can cause permanent damage to the paint of your car.  There are many bug removal products on the market and many are designed to remove road tar as well.

Once you have washed the car and taken care of any bug problems, the application of a car wax is the next best step to ensure a gleaming finish.  Car wax is a great way to make the car sparkle but it is also acts as a protectant for your finish.

Don’t forget your tires and rims.  Alloy rims look dull with just a little road grime, and after a heavy buildup, they can look downright awful.  Pay close attention to cleaning your rims and your car will look better than ever.  This may take some work however, as road grime and brake dust can build a thick layer on your rims.  A good brush designed for cleaning rims along with the right soap can make this job easier.

Interior Cleaning

Begin your interior cleaning efforts by removing any loose items and all of the floor mats.  Mats can be cleaned separately by hosing off, and in some cases, a good scrubbing with a foaming soap and brush will be required.  Often, mats become damaged by heavy use and the easiest solution is to simply replace them.  Once the mats are taken care of, it is time to turn your attention to the upholstery and the carpeting.  Begin with a good vacuuming to remove as much of the dirt and dust as possible.  Any stains can usually be removed with a spray-on soap designed for use on car interiors.  Clean all hard or leather surfaces with water and a mild detergent.

The next most important step is the cleaning of your car’s windows.  There are many glass cleaning products available and they all do a good job as long as you pay attention to potential streaking of the glass during the cleaning process.  The key to cleaning your windows properly is to ensure that they are wiped completely dry.

Aside from regular maintenance and cleaning, the best way to preserve your car and keep its value high is to drive it as little as possible.  Ideally, storage in a very clean, temperature controlled environment if possible.

Mission Car Care takes pride in our ability to service and maintain your car.  If your car is a source of pride and joy, be sure to call us the next time you need routine maintenance or emergency service.  We would like to be your car care service provider for the life of your vehicle.

Get The Wet Out Of There

Pathway Hyundai

We received a question on Twitter from one of our followers in Ottawa asking what to do with windows that frost or ice up on the inside. Good question!

Iced up interior windshields and windows occur during extremely cold periods, such as the last week of January (often called The Dead of Winter, this is the week when temperatures statistically plummet to their lowest). And it may surprise you to learn your vehicle’s door and window seals don’t have much to do with this particular buildup on your windows.

Iced up interior windows are a result of extreme cold temperatures and moisture that accumulates inside the vehicle. Iced up interior windows are a result of extreme cold temperatures and moisture that accumulates inside the vehicle.

The major cause is the snow and slush you and your passengers track into the vehicle. The frozen stuff melts while you’re driving, creating humidity in your vehicle and raising the moisture level even after you’ve parked. Then, it freezes over again. Next…

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Get Better Gas Mileage

M & M Autobrokers

Here are a few ways you can improve your driving to get better gas mileage:

Accelerate gradually. Avoid jackrabbit starts.
Anticipate your stops. When approaching a red light, let your foot off the gas as early as possible.
In summer, drive during cooler parts of the day. Cooler, denser air can boost power and mileage.
Avoid long warm-ups in the morning. They’re unnecessary and waste fuel.
Use air conditioning. Today’s air conditioners create less drag on the engine than driving with the windows open.
Maintain recommended tire pressure. Low pressure reduces fuel economy and can damage tires.
Keep the air filter clean. Clogged filters reduce fuel economy and increase exhaust emissions.
Drive the speed limit.

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Car Repair You Can Do Yourself, Part 3: Checking The Oil


Start Changing Your Car’s Own Oil, London


We’re happy as pigs in mud when you bring your car into our West Ealing garage for an oil change but we have to admit that it’s such a necessary, regular and simple repair that it’s kind of a no brainer for you to know how to do it yourself. Just because you know how doesn’t mean you’ll actually pull over to the side of the road in Perivale or get your nice clothes all greasy in your own driveway – but isn’t it nice to know you can take care of the things you own?

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