Wekfest Texas 2014 Coverage…Part 3…

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Every year, I don’t think that I’ll be involved with any SEMA builds but somehow they just manage to seek me out. I apologize for the lack of updates the last couple days, especially when we are right in the middle of a series of show coverage, but honestly, there just hasn’t been much time. I’ve been fully-focused on putting stuff together for my YearSIX event this weekend and when I’m not doing that, I’m driving around covering some really cool builds for the 2014 SEMA event. I’ll get more into it when I get the time and permission to, but most of you guys who follow me on Instagram (@stickydiljoe) already know what I’m up to. If that wasn’t enough on my plate already, I also have a bunch of visitors coming from all over to attend YearSIX and SEMA, so I’m also trying to be a gracious host…

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I Knew There was a Story to be Found at Biketoberfest


I just have two quick things for you today…

Well, actually – it’s just one thing, but it’s in two parts.

Part I;

I took part in a personal ritual over the weekend (October 16-19) called Biketoberfest.

Biketoberfest is an annual event here in this part of Florida. It’s centered in Daytona Beach, but its effects drift up to Flagler Beach (and to many other nearby communities).

Over the four days I did lots of riding, drank lots of beer and watched a lot of good bands. Biketoberfest is a great experience even if you aren’t a biker…just for the people watching opportunities alone.

At one particular venue called the Hog’s Pen (which is really nothing more than a large vacant lot across the street from The World Famous Iron Horse Saloon) there are several vendors set up for the event hawking their wares.

Iron Horse 2One of the spots…

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Top 10 most expensive motorcycles sold at auction.



I wrote this article a few days ago.. and it is now out of date!!!!  The Harley Davidson “Captain America” bike from Easy Rider is now the most expensive motorcycle sold at auction.  Going for $1.35 million US this is reportable the bike that was destroyed at the end of the movie and rebuilt a few years later.  The “other” Captain America bike was stolen before the movie was finished and has never been seen again except for the fact that the man who authenticated this motorcycle as also authenticated another one as well….. hummmm.  Here is a link to help explain this crazy story.


I ran across a couple interesting articles on motorcycles at Gizmag.com on this subject. I was quite surprised at what I found as I read about the results of motorcycle auctions. I will not go in a lot of details, you can use the…

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Five safety tips for teens behind the wheel

Road Miles

Rain-X Teen Driver Safety Infographic_FINAL


I’m no longer a teenager, though sometimes I think I’m still that young and energetic, so when the release from Rain-X and this great graphic hit the inbox, I liked it immediately.

There aren’t enough tips to convince teens – then or now – that don’t have the chance to attend a skid school driving course that throttle, physics, steering input and other factors come into play whenever they motor down the road. Add in New England’s slush, rain and snowstorms and every piece of pavement is a virtual skidpad.

These five concise tips are good “fuel for thought.” Motor on, safely.

Top 5 Vehicle Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

  1. Don’t “tire” out. Before a teen driver hits the open road, do a thorough inspection of tires – checking for proper inflation and good tread – as well as the engine, battery, hoses, belts, lights and fluids…

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Industry News: Gulf Car Wash Expo Set For Dubai In 2015


The Gulf Car Wash Car Care Expo will be in Dubai from Nov. 2-4, 2015, the organization has reported. In the United Arab Emirates, car-related retail growth is expected to rise 33 percent, they said.

According to a report from Professional Carwashing & Detailing:

The rising number of vehicles in the Middle East makes the area a growing market for the car care industry, explained the release.  Growth means an increased need for carwash and maintenance products and services to meet demand.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia are predicted to dominate the overall Gulf Cooperation Council with an expected 76.5 percent share by 2020, reported the release.

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Does Windshield Water Repellent Really Work?


NOTE: This is not new information, it stems from my readers wanting to know more about water repellents and a claim my car dealer made to me when he was trying to selling an additional feature.


If drivers are on the road long enough, chances of them getting caught in a rain is a very likely scenario. The driver may have the best wipers but still struggles to see through all the water on the windscreen.


To counter that problem, car manufacturers via their glass suppliers started offering water repelling windshield products such as Aquapel , but buyers complained that the price to get one cost way too much, roughly $50 USD. Competing products include PGW’s (formerly of PPG) Aquapel and Rain- X. Rain-X’s brand awareness in the automotive consumer product segment is particularly high, being claimed as second only to Windex.  Here are results of a test…

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Coronado Speed Festival 2014: Part One


Words by Matt Willis


PART 1 of 2

It’s one of our favorite events of the year – the Coronado Speed Festival – and we’re no strangers to it. For years, we’ve brought to light the sights, speed, and passion that make this event truly remarkable. As with too much or too frequent, though, the same thing always happens: it gets old. In fact, it wasn’t until after the event when I arrived back home that I started to mull over what made this year’s event any different from the last. Sure, there were a few new things here and there, but overall, a lot of the drivers, cars and races are the same just with different outcomes.

But then I realized: I was thinking about it too much. Honestly, the Coronado Speed Festival is a event all it’s own. There are very few places in the world where you…

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