Harley-Davidson Sporster – An American Classic

Throttle Grip

We decided that we would like to highlight the Harley-Davidson Sportster’s representation of American durability and timeless style. Setting it up in the shop, we began to plan how we would like the final picture to pan out. Spraying sparks into the night sky using stretched out steel wool engulfed with flames and flashlights as paint brushes we were able to take advantage of the dim light with an open shutter and long exposure. The final result was a brash portrayal of the legendary style, agility and power maintained from its mass production in 1957 up until this very day.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Your Car

Dont forget to put the Rainmagic on your windshield for long lasting protection

Williams Ford Lincoln

Breaking news: SUMMER IS HERE!  ‘Tis the season for being outdoors!  A very common activity we like to take part in during the nice summer weather is washing our vehicles.  Don’t you just love the way they shine and glitter in the sun?  But what some of us don’t know are the not so common mistakes people make when it comes to caring for your vehicle that can actually ruin your paint.  Here’s a short list of do’s and don’ts when you’re trying to wash the exterior of your car by hand.

  1. DON’T wait to wash your car until you see a build up of bird droppings, bug splatters, or other contaminants.  Why?  Bird droppings in particular contain a high acidity level that is strong enough to eat away the clear coating on your car.  This can lead to easily chipped paint and rust in a short amount of time.
  2. DO rinse your vehicle off…

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