8th Annual Festivals of Speed
at the  

Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes 

to Support Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

November 29 – December 1, 2013


We are proud to announce

Mr. Bobby Rahal
as our Honorary Chairman!

Photo credit: Al Rogers/Freeze Frame Image LLC”


Mr. Rahal will be attending all Three days of the Festivals of Speed Orlando events with the above pictured Shelby GT 350 Mustang

and a few other surprises!  


We will also have a special Bobby Rahal Commemorative Poster. 


About Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing

Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing, based in Hilliard, Ohio and Brownsburg, Ind., is co-owned by three-time IndyCar Champion and 1986 Indianapolis 500 winner Bobby Rahal, CBS LATE SHOW host David Letterman and Mi-Jack co-owner Mike Lanigan.


In 2013 the team began their 22nd year of open wheel competition and will attempt to add to their 20 wins – including the 2004 Indy 500 from pole with Buddy Rice — their 29 poles and 1992 series championship.


The team also competes in the American Le Mans Series as BMW Team RLL where they won both the Manufacturer and Team Championships in the GT category in 2010 and swept all three GT titles in 2011 – Manufacturer, Team and Driver. In 2012, the team finished second in the Team Championship and third in the Manufacturer Championship

Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance

Great Show

Words by Tim Wong


On the famous Rodeo Drive, the annual Father’s Day tradition of the Concours d’Elegance takes place and brings out some of the most rare vehicles out on display. Starting 20 years ago, the event has gain some international fame. This year’s theme was “the Jet Age” and featured a Learjet 85 parked in the event.


Mel and I went out to check out the event for a couple hours since we didn’t have much else going on that day. This was our first time checking out the event and didn’t really know what to expect. There was definitely a massive crowd of people at the event and an endless sight of amazing vehicles inside and outside the event.


I knew this Pagani Huayra was in town and it was nice to finally see it in person.


With these high end cars, it’s amazing to see the…

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Symbolic Motors Open House

Words by Matt Willis

A couple weekends ago, Symbolic Motors, local to us here in San Diego, hosted a small “Cars and Coffee”-like gathering and open house at their service facility in the Sorrento Valley. Symbolic, whose headquarters and showroom are located in La Jolla, have been around for some time now and are considered one of the flagship dealers for high-end and exotic vehicles in Southern California. That being said, I had no doubt in my mind that this event was going to have a drab turnout…



The lot itself wasn’t huge by any means. There were a fair amount of people present, and cars continued to cycle in and out throughout the morning.



Just as I arrived and began shooting, this classic Lamborghini Countach rolled in…


This Lamborghini Gallardo has popped up at several local meets.


Couple of Porsches…


I’m a Porsche fan, but I’ve never taken any…

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Morning Dosage

Great show been their three times

Words by Tim Wong


Saturday mornings are usually filled with my morning dosage of high octane and supercars. After Cars and Coffee Irvine, Lamborghini Newport Beach hold a monthly supercar meet at their dealership. This is my first time checking out this meet and since the Cars and Coffee meet wasn’t too exciting, I got there rather early and caught most of the cars rolling in. Throughout the morning there were some fantastic cars that showed up.


Matte white wrapped Lamborghini Gallardo





Lamborghini Aventador Roadster





There was a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren sitting in the showroom.




A pair of Mclaren MP4-12Cs










The white painted Delorean I’ve been seeing a lot of lately.


I really like the gated shifter piece which is a pretty hard to come by item.



The Koenigsegg CCX was pretty much what we call a showstopper because everyone pretty much dropped everything when this car rolled in.




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Car Wash Trends

Today I read a poll that recently conducted. The basic premise of the poll was to tally how many times a year the average person washes their primary vehicle. The results surprised me a bit. On average, seventy percent of people reporting wash their car less than 12 times a year. Of that 70 percent, 35 percent reported that they wash their car less than six times a year, staggering really. Since I keep my feet wet in both the carwash and pet wash industries, I thought wash trends between the two would be interesting to compare. Most sources would agree that the average pet goes to the groomer every 6-8 weeks. In between groomer visits, pets are normally washed by their owners one or two times. Obviously, this varies by breed and owner, as some pets are washed weekly and some not at all. In a general, it would seem though that Americans take better care of their pets than they do their cars. This isn’t all that surprising considering that The American Pet Product Association estimates that pet owners will spend in excess of $55 billion on their pets this year. With pets living in and amongst us in our homes, it is much more difficult to ignore the same odors and dirt that may be present on our vehicles. All in all, washes are good — car and pets are alike. 

p.s. On a totally random note, while researching these trends I also read a few statistics on the number of  individuals who admitted their car smelled because of interior garbage. Let’s just say it was in the millions and not just one or two. Interesting or leave a lot to be desired? I vote both.

TheTruth About Windshield Rain Repellents

Windshield rain repellents such as Rainmagic, Rain-X & Aquapel are wonderful options for motorists. Once applied, the rain will noticeably bead up and roll off of the windshield, greatly increasing visibility.What set’s Rainmagic apart from the rest is it’s unquie water based formula that has been G.E Lexan tested for Harley-Davidson and Honda Gold Wing windshields. Rainmagic works by controlloing water droplets and making them conform to a round shape so wipers can easly remove them. A driver’s wipers do not need to be on full blast to see through a little rain. A cleaner windshield means less windshield wiper fluid is needed, and there is less wear on the wipers themselves. Rainmagic Rain repellents are not just for rain either; rainmagic’s uniqe non stick coating prevent bugs from sticking leaves mirrors in bathrooms easier to clean they can help reduce the amount of frost that accumulates at night or when it’s cold. Condensation doesn’t stick to the windshield as much when it’s been treated.

Rainmagic Windshield Rain RepellentTreatments Are Affordable

Rainmagic windshield rain repellents are convenient.  Aquapel and other products are easily found in common online stores such as J&P Cycle or They can also be found at cctv stores such as Acme Security, Videolarm and many others. People can buy the product, keep it on hand, and apply themselves as needed. However, in the best interest of time, convince and results; it is recommended that you have the windshield treatment done at least twice a year. The type of vehicle driven, the brand of windshield installed, anything applied to the windshield; none of these factors will have a negative impact on how well the product works. It doesn’t even matter if your windshield is cracked Rainmagic is the only water based rain repellent that can used on mirrors. sliding glass doors, eyeglasses,helmets.

Rainmagic will out last any rain repellent on the market today and contains no slovents or alcohol

Windshield Treatments Won’t Break the Bank

Finally, possibly more important than convenience, Rainmagic windshield treatments are affordable. For those who want to do it themselves, one bottle typically costs aprox twenty dollars and provides enough product for several applications, and each treatment can last for up to six months.


JUPITER, FL – August 2, 2013 – As part of an ongoing commitmentto developing the automotive andmotorsport
culture in South Florida, Champion Motorsport, Inc. of Pompano Beach has once again strengthened its
relationship with PalmBeach International Raceway™ and the PalmBeachDriving Club®.

The expaned partnership resulted in the official naming of Turn 10 on the 2.034‐mile Road Course asthe Champion
Motorsport Corner.
The Champion family of companies, which includes Champion Porsche, Champion Racing and Champion
Motorsport, is best known forits commitmentto excellence in automotive productsales and for developing
long‐lasting relationships with each oftheir customers.

The largest Porsche dealer in the Americas for the last 25years, Champion Porsche in Pompano Beach has earned its enduring status asthe number one Porsche dealer by combining extraordinary product expertise and exemplary customerservice delivered by passionate and enthusiastic employees.

Formany years, Champion has entrusted PalmBeach International Raceway to hold its track sessions for Porsche
vehicles which aided in the research and development of tried and tested performance automotive products.
As racers approach the iconic Turn 10, a significant passing zone featuring a double apex, 225‐degree right hand
corner,they will be flanked by more than 150 feet ofsignage with Champion branding.

As part ofthe 3‐year partnership agreement, all trackmarketing materials and maps will refer to the signature turn as the Champion
Motorsports Corner