Rainmagic Team Steam Update


Aura Systems Joins Forces With Cyclone Power Technologies To Develop Renewable Power Generation


Aura Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: AUSI) and Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: CYPW) announced today that the two companies have formed a technology development alliance to combine the all-fuel Cyclone Engine with the AuraGen induction motor and control unit. The partners anticipate that the integrated renewable power generation system will be able to provide a turn-key distributed solution for customers looking to produce grid-tied or stand-alone electricity from renewable and waste resources.

Cyclone’s advanced steam engines are capable of converting recovered exhaust heat from industrial furnaces, biomass gasifiers and other waste sources into mechanical power. The AuraGen technology fits extremely well with Cyclone’s engines, especially in applications where fluctuations in heat create variations in engine RPM. AuraGen units produce consistent rated power, at a wide range of engine speeds, as well as generating AC and DC power simultaneously in a variety of voltages.

Christopher Nelson, President of Cyclone, said, “Securing the partners needed to provide turn-key renewable power generator systems to our customers, both current and prospective, is an important part of our growth strategy. Aura has the generator technology, engineering team, production capabilities and resources to provide the electrical solution from start to finish. We are very pleased to be working with Aura and look forward to a long and successful working relationship.”

Melvin Gagerman, Chairman and CEO of Aura, said, “We recognize the uniqueness of Cyclone’s engine technology and the talents of its engineering team. This is an attractive partnership for Aura that we think provides an excellent market extension for our AuraGen product line.”

For more information on Aura Systems Inc. visitwww.aurasystems.com.

For more information, visit www.cyclonepower.com.

For more information visit http://www.rainmagic.com



Rainmagic’s Team Steam Updates 8/17/2012


Team Steam USA – LSR Car – In addition to the Mark 5 engine development noted above, we have nearly completed construction of the new LSR chassis and body. We are on track to install the Mark 5 engine and systems and to start testing the LSR Car in the coming months. We anticipate an attempt for the land speed record for steam powered vehicles before the end of the year. We have made major advancements with the Team Steam USA- LSR Streamliner since Nelson and Marla Hoyos have joined the team.

Cyclone -Mark 5 Engine – With the delivery of the Raytheon MR-36 engines, we were able to advance the development of the “sister” Mark 5 engine considerably, including key technological advances in valve and head design. We have now commenced construction of the two Mark 5 engines for our customer Combilift, a leading industrial equipment manufacturer, with an estimated delivery by the end of 2012. We expect to receive additional Mark 5 prototype orders later this year for delivery in 2013.

Rainmagic’s Amazon Michigan 400 Special

Rainmagic has opened an Amazon store for it’s products during the Michigan 400 weekend. There is a Buy 2 Get 1 Free special on the http://www.rainmagic.com site


Rainmagic Buy1 get 1
Rainmagic Buy1 get 1

PRLog (Press Release)Aug 15, 2012 – Rainmagic Special Longest lasting rain repellent windshield treatment Coating No Solvents Non-Flammable G.E. Tested Rain Repellent Safe On Plastic And Glass Windshields. Last for up to one year without reapplication. Rainmagic is safe for Plexiglas and plastics Rainmagic is the only rain repellent coating approved for Harley-Davidson windshields. Use of rain repellents cut reaction time response time by 1 second. Hydrophobic coatings to automotive windshields can substantially improve driver visual acuity and response time Rainmagic rain repellent is recommended by Videolarm FDOT Transcore NY Thruway DOT Sony Raytheon for CCTV Domes . Additionally, a driver’s response time to identify a small target was improved by 25 percent, from four seconds to three seconds. One second response time represents about 58 feet of travel distance at 40 miles per hour. visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClQ5QWn5U7c&feature=plcp
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Photo: http://www.prlog.org/11950458/1


LSR Update – New Sponsors


LSR Update – New Sponsors
by Cyclone Power Technologies on Thursday, August 16, 2012 at 11:16am ·

August 16, 2012

Cyclone friends and family,

We’ve been hard at work on the LSR Streamliner project, building a strong group of supporters around our talented Team Steam USA. We are proud and excited to announce a solid line-up of sponsors who are committed to supporting our vision of breaking the world land speed record for Steam Engine technology.

Please show your support by visiting their websites and patronizing them when they can be of service to you:



– Looking for unique and creative design


Strange Engineering

– Over 40-years of manufacturing experience in the performance industry.


Mullis Race Cars

– Over 15 years of building quality-crafted, championship winning race cars for competition


Mickey Thompson Performance Tires

– Designs, develops and distributes specialty tires for the street, strip, track, and off-road applications since 1963


Rain Magic

– The first environmentally safe water based hydrophobic windshield coating product


Thank you to all our friends and supporters for following our progress on Facebook. We sincerely appreciate your commitment and support as we focus on bringing the world land speed record for steam powered vehicles back to the United States. 

Please stay tuned to our Facebook Page as we continue to update our progress of the streamliner and engine. If you’re interested in sponsoring Team Steam USA, learn more about getting involved at http://www.TeamSteamUSA.com.



Marla Hoyos

Business Development Director

For Team Steam USA


Rainmagic’s Partnership With Chromeworld

What makes us different from other Motorcycle Accessories Parts distributors? Here at Chrome World Motorcycle Accessories we ride too. So we take care of you the way we would want to be taken care of. Everything we do is up front so there are no hidden costs. For example, we do not charge restocking fees on the return of any item we advertise. We show you our shipping fees up front so you know how much you are spending before you even place your order. We don’t hide behind gimmicks and clubs where you have to pay to join to qualify for lower prices only to find out later it cost you more in the long run. We just discount all of our products as much as we can, giving you the best customer service and support, a huge selection of products, and the largest on hand inventory in the industry. Our 10,000 square foot Motorcycle Parts warehouse is busting at the seems.

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Rainmagic To Help Team Steam USA “Bring Home The Gold”

Rainmagic to help Cyclone-Team Steam USA will Attempt to bring the World Steam Record home. http://www.TeamSteamUSA.com. Find out how you can help donate them retrieve the world record from the Brits!

This exciting event will take place at the NASA-Kennedy Space Center Shuttle landing strip in Cape Canaveral Florida. It is an honor to be invited by NASA to break the World Steam Record at this historical facility.

The Steam Record began when Fred Marriott set the Land Speed Record for steam engines at 127.659 MPH. He drove a steam powered car built by the Stanley Brothers and nicknamed it “Rocket”. This record was set in 1906 on the Florida sands of Ormond Beach.

The American made Cyclone Engine a 6 cylinder, radial formatted
Streamliner that produces 850lbs-ft of torque at starting.
This American Manufactured Engine produces 100hp @3600rpm.
Explore more about Team Steam USA and the Cyclone Engine at http://www.TeamSteamUSA.com. Also find out how you can help donate to the cause and help them retrieve the world record from the Brits!
Rainmagic the leaders in water based rain repellents and fire retardant coatings and it’s friends Moog Videolarm and Sony will be lending its expertise and equipment in the Team Steam USA project.
Rainmagic is the only G.E. tested rain repellent coating for Harley-Davidson and Honda Gold Wing windshields.
Rainmagics unique rainrepellent windshield coating significantly reduces the drag coefficient on windshields at high speeds.
Rainmagics Pyrocoat R class A fire retardant will be used to protect the streamliner from fire.
This fire retardant coating has been used by every NHRA funny car for protection on their carbon fiber bodies.
Demo video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3tmgFkK08k

Rainmagic is having a buy 2 get 1 free special