How To Apply Rainmagic Treatments On Auto Windows

Things you’ll need:
Rain Rainmagic
Car window cleanser
1. Clean the windows of your car completely. If years of residue have built up on them, consider cleaning twice to completely clean windshield surface. Apply Rainmagic windshield coating by simply spraying on windshield wipe in circular motion with a soft cotton cloth carefully and evenly.
2. Place two capfuls of Rainmagic (clear cap) into washer tank with plain tap water spray this mixture using windshield washers for about fifteen seconds let wipers dry your Done!
3.  Apply to the mirrors, as well. The results for your lateral view can be outstanding.If you have you tinted windows and they squeak apply Rainmagic squeaking will be gone If everything worked it should last for up to one year without reapplication.For maintenance just put two capfuls in washer tank every time you fill
Drive as you normally would in the rain. You should find that the windows of your car are clear more readily and evenly than they otherwise would.Clean major residue such as mud and oil off the windows if material splashes up onto your car.
Tips For Driving In Rain Conditions
Pounding rain can render even the best-made rain repellent treatments essentially useless. Do not assume that you can drive less defensively just because the coating is in place.
Remove ice carefully if it should form on your window. Light brushing and warm water is considered better for rain repellent treatments than vigorous scratching with a shovel.
Slow down in the rain, even if you have excellent visibility. Stopping times can be greatly reduced if you go into a skid, so exercise caution whenever it’s wet.