Why use Rainmagic rain repellent?

Why use RainMagic Glass Treatment?

Rain beads up and runs off to remarkably improve driving vision in the rainRepels rain, snow, and sleetIce, snow, bugs, and dirt are easier to remove.

Innovative technology developed by RainMagic MotorSports Inc. a leader in fire coating technology Where can I purchase RainMagic® Glass Treatment?RainMagic Glass Treatment is available and applied at select service centers. These include automobile dealers, full-service car washes, automotive detailers.

RainMagic Glass Treatment is available at selected retail locations. How long will RainMagic last on a car windshield or side window?Lasts for up to twelve months in the windshield wiper area, under normal driving conditions Lasts for up to eighteen months on side windows, under normal driving conditions How does it work?


RainMagics proprietary hydrophobic rain repellent treatment adheres to glass, forming a chemical bond Increases contact angle of water, causing it to bead and easily shed off glass.
 How much time does it take to apply?
Is applied in minutes by car care professionals when they service your car.
How is it different from other rain repellent products? RainMagic is water based chemistry vs. the acetone, alcohol based chemistry of other rain repellent products.
Chemical bond actually adheres to glassLasts at least six times longer  More durable performance.
Will RainMagic remain effective after  going through a carwash?
yes… using glass cleaners and a squeegee to clean car windows? yes… using common glass ammonia-based cleaners? yes
using automotive windshield washer fluids? yes
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